Seasons events

Various events are held at Mt. Akagi making the most of the characteristics of each season throughout the year. There are various ways to enjoy: by seeing, by participating, and by experiencing. Find your favorite events and fully enjoy Mt. Akagi.

The latest event information is available at “Information/Report”. If any events interest you, please check them also.


Many flower events are held including Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura to fully enjoy Japanese Sakura (cherry blossoms). At Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura, you can enjoy Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and see a profusion of cherry blossoms forming the arch that seems to continue forever. You can also see yellow canola flower and moss phlox that bloom beautifully like a carpet. You can also enjoy the arts and gourmet food as well.

Akagi Nanmen
Senbonzakura Festival
Early to mid April
Green-flower farm
Cherry Blossom Festival
In early April
Gunma Flower Park
Akagi Shrine daidai-kagura
May 5


There are many Japanese traditional festivals in the summer. Local festivals are also held in the municipalities around Mt. Akagi, where you can see and participate in bon-odori dances and traditional performing arts. You can enjoy all day long and then see fireworks in various events.

Tsukita Sasara
The last Saturday and Sunday in August
Gunma Flower Park
Fireworks display
Mt.Akagi summer festival
First Saturday in August
Ogo Gion Festival
The last Saturday and Sunday in July
Makino-shi Matsuri
Holding "Ogo Gion Festival" the same day
Shirakaba farm azalea tour
Sanden forest firefly watching
Mt.Akagi All mountain cooling
July - August


The fall climate is appropriate for enjoying gourmet food, sports, and music. Many events are held that make the most of the climate, such as picking fruit in orchards at the foot of the mountain. Unique bicycle meets are also held in Maebashi City, where cycling is popular.

Mt.Akagi hill climb
Akagi-oroshi Grape picking
August - October
Wakasagi fishing
September 1 - November (boat fishing)
Autumn leaves of Akagi summit peak
Late September - October


Although it is severely cold around the summit, events to enjoy the coldness, snow, and ice are held. With a focus on plans to heat up the body even in the winter, various events are held such as snow shoe trekking, hiking in the snow, and fishing for pond smelt on the frozen lake.

Snowshoe hiking
Mid January - March
Gunma flower park
illumination & Fireworks display
November - early January
Snow Festival
First Saturday February