Mt. Akagi is a massif surrounding Maebashi City, the capital of Gunma Prefecture, which is located near the center of Japan. It is approximately 110 km from Tokyo and it takes about two hours by car or train. Mt. Akagi is a tourist spot where you can enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, and gourmet food in natural surroundings. You can also enjoy Japanese history and hot springs throughout the year. This website introduces various ways to enjoy and the attractiveness of Mt. Akagi and provides recommended information to foreign visitors.

About Mt.Akagi

This page introduces the highlights of Mt. Akagi, including basic information, history, nature, hot springs, and foods. Start getting to know Mt. Akagi right here.

Travel Plan

See the recommended course to fully enjoy Mt. Akagi. There are many attractive tourist spots which both children and adults can enjoy.

Seasons events

Various events are held at Mt. Akagi throughout the year. Enjoy Mt. Akagi more deeply at the events that make the most of each season.

  • Akagi South side Senbonzakura Festival
    Akagi South side Senbonzakura Festival
  • Green-flower farm Cherry Blossom Festival
    Green-flower farm Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Green-flower farm Cherry Blossom Festival
    Gunma flower park
  • Tsukita Sasara
    Tsukita Sasara
  • Mt.Akagi summer festival
    Mt.Akagi summer festival
  • Ogo Gion Festival
    Ogo Gion Festival
  • Mt.Akagi hill climb
    Mt.Akagi hill climb
  • Akagi-oroshi Grape picking
    Akagi-oroshi Grape picking
  • Wakasagi fishingo
    Wakasagi fishingo
  • Snowshoe hiking
    Snowshoe hiking
  • Gunma flower park illumination
			& Fireworks display
    Gunma flower park illumination & Fireworks display
  • Snow Festival
    Snow Festival

Access Information

This page explains how to get to Mt. Akagi, which is easy to reach by various modes of transportation from Tokyo and airports in the Metropolitan area.

Information / report

This is a blog to share the attractiveness of Mt. Akagi. You can find information ranging from timely topics to new discoveries and new ways to enjoy.

Jul 24, 2018 [Information]

30th Mt.Akagi Summer Festival -August 4th

Akagi-yama, summer's tradition! The shrine will be done at Akagi Shrine on Onuma.  Furthermore, you can see raditional archery, photographs of Princess Mt. Akagi and Fuchina lake, shrine maiden dance...

Jun 8, 2018 [information/report]

The Azalea Tour, Akagi Shrine, and Jizodake Peak—the Ultimate Day-trip to Mt. Akagi!

Today we made another trip to Mt. Akagi in Meabashi City, Gunma Prefecture. We talked about the “1,000 Cherry Blossom Trees” before, but there are a lot of other things to enjoy on Mt. Akagi, includi...

May 9, 2018 [information/report]

Azalea Festa April 28th - May 20th

A various azaleas of breed improvements have been carried out in the Edo period. In the park, Okinawa azalea, Ryukyu azalea, Kurume azalea and others, old trees that are as old as 200 years old also ...

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